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Facebook to Save Lives (No, Really!)

Posted by Mary Evans on Mon, Apr 30, 2012 @ 18:04 PM

Just when you thought Facebook did it all, the social media company’s CEO schedules an appearance with a national television show tomorrow to announce a new feature that “could save lives”. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg will be on Good Morning America tomorrow to announce some sort of new add-on that will apparently, and potentially, severely impact our lives. Details are unknown, and personally, I can’t imagine what this feature could be. The idea almost sounds silly – how can a social media channel save lives? Then again, if you had asked me a handful of years ago if Facebook would be incorporated into some of the world’s biggest corporate marketing plans (let alone my personal, daily-routine), I would have laughed at that too. So what do I know?

I’m excited to hear the news tomorrow – hopefully the hype isn’t just that – hype. We all know the impact and level of control Facebook has on our lives, so ideally the news will be beneficial and realistic to us all. Some reports suggest it will have to do with bullying preventatives  or the capability to send out emergency messages.

Any thoughts on what’s to come tomorrow?


Stay tuned for a follow-up.

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