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On-demand Webinar: PR 101 for Startups

Are you an entrepreneur launching a new product, service or App? Are you racing against the clock to help bring visibility to your company? Drive downloads? Raise money? 

It's natural to think that a marketing or PR firm can help you get the attention you need, but it's important not to put the cart before the horse. And before paying an outside agency or consultant, consider some tactics you can do on your own. Then learn more about when it's time to bring in the experts. and SpeakerBox Communications—both friends and supporters of entrepreneurs and the DC Startup Ecosystem—have shared best practices for what entrepreneurs should consider when building their promotional and launch plan.

You'll learn during this webinar:

  • Basic requirements before any promotional push: website presence, capacity, beta customers, etc. 
  • How to leverage social media in a productive way.
  • What qualifies as a "good story?" What gets coverage, and why?
  • Budget versus results. What to expect. 
  • Best business models to take advantage of PR.
  • Launch PR 101: what do to, what NOT to do.
  • When is PR a waste of time versus a critical must-have.

Lisa Throckmorton, EVP for SpeakerBox Communications and Jonathon Perrelli, Founder and General Partner of led this discussion on December 7, 2011 at 1:00pm EST and it is now available on demand by filling out the form on the right. 


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Lisa Throckmorton, 

EVP of SpeakerBox Communications 


Jonathon Perrelli, 

Founder and General Partner of